Over the years, every challenging & negative situation has moulded and shaped me into who I am today―Spiritually, socially, financially, career-wise, etc.
The saying thcounting my blessingsat if you can think well, you will thank well has prompted me to reminisce about previous years. Through my short life journey, I recall the situations that has shaped and taught me.
 I remember when I died in my room in my early teens. I knew my spirit was out of my body, but His mercy brought me back.
 I remember the times God told me, “I want to use you but you are hindering Me.” I thought I heard myself those years but now… *sighs*
 I remember the years when I was seriously ill and I would thrash the drugs; I wonder how I got well. Divine healing is real!
 I remember when I had C6 in maths; my mum danced and ‘hug-carried’ me like I had an ‘A’ (she knew I didn’t have a flare for it). I thank God for the blessings of an understanding & supportive mum of life.
 I remember the accident of March 27, 2010 that did not claim my life. God preserved me, because I must indeed fulfil destiny in grand style.
 I remember when I rejected His plans for me, but His mercies always brought me into His will. Indeed, He is a patient and merciful Father.
 I remember the times God proved Himself as a very present help in time of need.
 I remember the day I went blank in an examination hall, but still excelled. God proved to me that He truly has a pen.
 I remember when an interviewer made me feel incapable & unintelligent. That day, God’s vision for my life became clearer and passion was reignited.
 I remember in my early teens when God helped me to realize the vanity of man’s help.
 I remember the people God has brought my way over the years. I learnt that there is a reason for everyone I meet and a lesson to be derived.
 I remember the times when God revealed future happenings (He still does) via the pages of scriptures and I wondered how they would be fulfilled. It taught me to be patient, built my faith and a closer relationship with God.
 I remember the diverse relationships from cradle till now that taught me diverse lessons―positive and negative.
 I remember my plans that failed because it helped me to stand upon my watch for His plans and plug into them.
…And many more!
Through it all, I thank God for loving me in spite of my excesses. Truly, God has not deOnaopemipoalt or judged me through my thoughts, actions or behaviour.
Today, I remember so many things―the good, bad and ugly, but they all worked together for my good. Indeed, I can boldly say ONAOPEMIPO (I have many reasons to give thanks).

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