It was the second year of my post-NYSC and the search for my dream job was in progress. I woke up to a beautiful day, prayed and was hopeful about the outcome of another aptitude test.
While brainstorming about what to wear, I picked a skirt. *No, don’t put on that; na Lagos you dey and you go still bike* So, I settled for a pant trouser (Though I still felt undecided). Then, I wore a Jean trouser and it felt just right. Oh my! I remembered I needed a comfortable top. Short sleeve? *No!* Long sleeve? Check!
Little did I know that my dressing that day was to avoid havoc on my smooth, beautiful, & chocolate skin (Not blowing my horns; just being prudent).
Anyways, typical of naija (there’s hope for my country), the queue at the venue of the test was longer than the longest bridge (No exaggerations, na fact)! I told myself, “Na Oil Company test, what were you expecting?” The sun didn’t help matters at all; it had the capacity to melt fats off an overweight (LOL).
Then, the delay of writing the test itself―a test that was to start at 12 noon didn’t commence until 3p.m. That’s why I respect entrepreneurs with the zeal and zest to start-up their business. Anyways, by this time, I was tired and famished. All I wanted was to quickly get into a bus and purchase the Lagos traffic hunger deflator―Gala & Lacasera. However, that dream was soon short-lived!
As I tried to cross the road, I was hit by a bike. I fell flat right in the middle of the expressway. Thank God no vehicle was coming behind that bike. I felt life going out of me but I spoke life-enhancing words to myself (in my mind because I couldn’t talk).
Remember how I dressed that morning―the long sleeve shirt protected my fresh arm from bruises. The shirt tore (Imagine if I had worn a short sleeve). The jeans I wore also tore to my thigh; it was so straight and neatly torn. No ruler needed! Again, imagine if I had worn a skirt or trousers. Mehn! Oya, stop the imagination! Enough! Since then, I learnt to give thanks to God and chstrength for hurdleserish the privilege of life. Hence my name, ONAOPEMIPO!
I flashback to that day and I concluded that the ‘winchies’ know that my destiny is great. That day, I was convinced that my greatness is sure because I conquered. In fact, the devil and his ‘winchies’ know that I’m born to trample them under feet.
Presently, the search for a job is over (plans in progress to be an employer). Though my present job wasn’t what I initially wanted, but it has birth a conglomerate. In fact, I do not earn as much as I desire, but I’ve enjoyed countless life-changing & destiny moulding privileges worth much more than the most valued currency in the world. These privileges are always stored (if not for immediate use) in my destiny power bank and I can easily withdraw from them when needed. Again, the most valuable currency in the world can’t buy that!
Currently, I may not be where I want to be, but definitely, I’m not where I used to be. The joy of tomorrow propels me because I know that though my beginning was small, my latter end will greatly increase.
In our daily lives, we encounter certain difficulties and conquer hurdles. However, I’ve understood that without these hurdles, we won’t be stronger or wiser. That’s why we must see the hurdles on our path as stepping stones to greatness and laugh through it all. Only then will the challenges & negativities step aside, take a bow and give you a standing ovation! STAY INSPIRED!

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