Welcome to SEPTEMBER!!!

*Drum beats* *Cymbals clashing* Hurraaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!! The first online episode of #InspirationalmomentswithOlla is here at last! My excitement knows no bounds and I believe it’s a great way to begin the 9th month. I feel like I was pregnant with a baby and just delivered it. *Takes a deep breath and whispers, *“keep calm girl”* Now to the business of the day! Happy new month and welcome to the first online episode of #InspirationalmomentswithOlla.

According to Wikipedia, a torch is a stick with combustible material at one end, which is ignited and used as a light source. The Cambridge Advanced Learn
er’s Dictionary defines it as a stick with material which burns tied to the top of it in order to give light. The torch is a common emblem of both enlightenment and hope and being a torch-bearer is considered an honour.

However, a torch does not burn on its own; it must be lit before it can burn. When it is lit, it has the capacity to torch (burn) things around it and in a twinkling of an eye, the fire spreads very fast. For instance, when fire torches a piece of cloth in a room, it spreads to other things within that room. That little fire that starts with just a piece of cloth spreads to the whole building and if not quenched, spreads to another, and then another, and yet another…

Everyone is a torch and has a torch. However, each one has the responsibility to light his torch by pursuing his dreams, vision, purpose and passion. Note that destinies/lives are tied to your blazing torch. When your torch is lit and you torch (Impact) people with it, they also go on to light the torch of others. This is actually a continuous cycle of impact. Someone is waiting for you to light your torch! Life is all about impact and destinies/lives are tied to you! Light your torch!

When a torch is lit, the fire is so fierce that it can be seen by all. Likewise, when you light your torch (purpose, vision), your impact will be visible by
all. In fact, you won’t have to speak before people take note of your impact. This is because, just as the fire on a torch cannot be hidden but it is always noticeable by all, it is impossible to bear the torch of impact and not positively affect the people we meet daily. However, we must keep our torch blazing by lighting the torch of others, thereby preventing the fire on our torch from fading out.

Somebody somewhere is depending on you to do what God has called you to do. Therefore, light your torch and let it light the torch of others! The Bible says that you are the light of the world; therefore, let your light shine through lives all over the world. I’ve resolved to let others shine as I light my torch so they can also light others torch. As I meet people on the journey of life, I’m determined to ensure that their torch of impact is lit.

Don’t be a flashlight, be a TORCH!

Have a most fruitful and productive month!

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2 Responses to THE TORCH OF IMPACT

  1. folake says:

    This is a very good one to start with…inspired!


  2. Funmi Ebofin says:

    Love the bit about being a torch and not a flashlight. As a torch I have the capacity to influence everything around me. Its up to me if its positive or otherwise. I choose positive impact.

    Thanks dear.


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